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3 responses to “Images

  1. Janice Noguchi

    Hi Conner,
    I tried to contact Eduardo Pimental about taking classes yog, no replies do you know if there are other yog classes en la habana?IYENGAR preferably.
    Thank you,
    PS i am interested en clases de yog en dic y feb

    • Hi Janice. There are yoga classes at different places around town. Have you contacted MIYAHYoga? that’s one start and I know of several places, but don’t have the info at home. Ill see what I can track down and let you know.

    • Hi Janice. I tracked down the info (I dont do Yoga, so dont know what type they practice):

      Eduardo Pimental Classes
      Saturdays 8am-9am
      Calle 26 #514 between 5ta & 7ta Avenidas, PLaya

      Jorge Avila Classes
      Mons & Weds 6-7pm
      Calle B, corner Calle 15, Vedado

      Instructor Lisette
      Tues & Thurm 9am-1pm
      Iglesia de la Santa Cruz
      Calle 66 between 15 & 17, Playa

      All of these are recommended by a friend who practices regularly

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