Gone Campin’

Hola Readers,

We need to get the hell out o’ Dodge for a while, so we packed up Rocinante and are on our way to Playa Girón (probably better known as the Bay of Pigs where you are) and other coastal points for a wee bit of wild camping.

Ive been writing a lot lately and aim to get some done (if the jejene ‘sand fleas’) let me and will come back at ya with

– Hemingway’s Sexcapades

– Wild Tales from Cuban Doctors Abroad

– Finding Conner

– And more!!

Stay cool. Keep reading, writing, traveling, and dreaming. Life is about the memories!


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5 responses to “Gone Campin’

  1. Ole

    Have a Great campismo, Conner.


  2. Rita María Ojeda

    Enjoy the jejenes, Conner!!!!!

  3. Oh, the sand fleas. Those things are vicious!

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