Back on Track (and the Toilet)

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Hola Readers,

Maybe you’ve noticed my absence…I’ve been cooling off on a little vacay in the US o’ A. It rained every day, but any weather’s better than sweating when you blink or breathe like here in Havana.

Fresh off the mainland, I’m inspired to put together a new list. This time it’s Things I Don’t Miss About the USA. When I started to put it together, MJ was the farthest thing from my mind, but now the King of Pop is right up there with scented toilet paper; not that it’s all bad or overblown; see my inverse musings, Things I Miss About the USA. This will be followed by Cuban Things That Take Some Getting Used To (& Some That You Never Do). Topping that list is the giardia I recently re-contracted. Nothing like a little explosive diarrhea while you’re sleeping to put things in perspective.

While I gather my thoughts on this and other topics of import, I’m off to the toilet for the tenth time today…

But first!

There’s a new gadget, widget, watchamacallit on the menu there called ‘About Today’s Photo.’ Pretty self-explanatory for photos that aren’t (like this first one in the series)



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3 responses to “Back on Track (and the Toilet)

  1. Re: Today’s photo…

    It seems to me we should all be recycling those nasty things. U.S. soccer moms can’t be bothered, of course…but there’s something appealing about wringing the last drop of usefulness out of every “throw-away” item. While the “first world” throws stones at the third world for being the planet’s most prolific polluters (and to some extent, of course, they are), the sight of recycled pampers (albeit an act of necessity rather than ecology) pretty much neuters that argument.

    p.s. Feel better!

    • Hi WAM – you said it. my new crusade is against Styrofoam. It started showing up Here in Havana about a year or so ago. Evil, evil shit. never goes away, fills already bursting landfilll. Convenient? Sure, but the Cuban Rev has survived nearly 50 years without it. I wish they would bring the hammer down on this evil scourge – especially because there are other alternatives out there (I have direct experience with clamshell boxes, utensils, soup containers, etc made from sugar cane. Awesome invention!)

      feeling better thanks!

  2. Absolutely correct about styrofoam. 40 years as a sailor and I can tell you there is No part of the Sea free from its ugliness. It has a half life of about a 1000 years, so whatever gets tossed in the Ocean will be with us close to forever. See Pacific Gyre for a real sad story. We have overpopulated ourselves to the Fast track towards extinction.

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