Here is….HAITI

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Hi readers,

Well, if all goes as planned, at this time tomorrow I will be in a (dry, please be dry!) tent watching the Cuban doctors do what they do so well. Hopefully I’ll be spared the foot amputation I witnessed in post-quake Pakistan (this was both my first post disaster assignment AND my first time in an operating room without me on the table. The blood wasn’t bad, but the stink of cauterizing flesh is not easily forgotten)…

Anyway, I will be blogging for my organization, MEDICC and perhaps here too. Posts will be a bit different – more mental effluent and emotional reaction than the (usually) carefully crafted prose I like to post on Here is Havana.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new article up on the fabulous Matador travel Network entitled Life as an Expat in Havana, Cuba (their title, not mine). Check it out!!

And as one of my favorite DJs likes to say: “fly low and avoid the radar.”

See you on the rebound!



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3 responses to “Here is….HAITI

  1. Fantastic, my dear. Keep us focused on what is happening in Haiti, even while the world gets distracted by Greece’s financial meltdown, Chile’s 8.8 quake, and all other fresher disasters. Haiti’s tragedy will take years to play itself out. Thanks for keeping it front and center.


  2. Good article on matador, especially the part about constantly being perceived as an easy mark. A Cuban streetsweeper thinks he knows more than a visiting Nuerosurgeon from Canada. I like to let it ride sometimes before giving them a good “vete por el culo, No llege aqui en el camioneta de Boniato de Pinar anoche”depending on my patience level at the moment.

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